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Every cavity is different. Smaller, surface-level tooth decay can often be fixed with only a simple dental filling. However, deeper dental cavities can extend much further into the tooth, reaching the soft, sensitive center known as the dental pulp. While smaller cavities can often be missed, these more severe dental caries are much more difficult to ignore. The pulp contains your tooth’s blood vessels and nerves, so when it’s attacked by dental decay, your cavity can show itself with a toothache.

At Gold Coast Dental Buena Park, our endodontists are ready to tackle deep, painful cavities with an expert root canal. Root canals are a dentist's last line of defense against some of the worst cavities and tooth infections, preventing tooth loss and extraction. While you may be nervous to hear you need a root canal, we promise that you have nothing to worry about with us. Our endodontists have decades of experience performing thousands of root canals, so you can rest easy knowing your time with us will be quick and easy.

Do root canals hurt? Not with our amazing endodontist team on the job! While root canal treatments have a bad reputation, we make sure you never feel more than some slight pressure as we work. With gentle hands, top technologies, and potent local anesthesia at your service, we promise your procedure will be a breeze. We are meticulous during every step of the process, from your initial exam to your dental crown’s placement. Trust our incredible team to provide you with the expert care your smile deserves.

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Don’t Ignore The Warning Signs

With fast, responsive root canal treatment, our team can save your painful tooth!

Cavities don’t suddenly appear one day. They take time to develop and come with several warning signs to tell you to see our dentists right away. While early cavities may only appear with white or brown spots on the enamel or a small hole in the tooth, root canal infection often comes with much more severe symptoms. The earlier you recognize these signs, the better chance our endodontists have to save your tooth with an expert root canal:

  • Persistent toothache, which may come and go
  • Tooth pain when biting down
  • Deep pit in the tooth
  • Chronic bad breath (halitosis)
  • Sharp tooth sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Lingering sensitivity to sweets
  • White pimple on the gums (tooth abscess)
  • Swollen gums

If all tooth nerve pain suddenly disappears, please schedule an appointment with our endodontists as soon as you can. It’s likely that too much of the dental pulp has been damaged, and your tooth is near death—or may have already died. Quick response with a root canal can save your tooth from extraction.

Need an emergency root canal? Please don’t hesitate to call (714) 278-4978 today to book an immediate appointment at our dental office.

Root Canal Procedure

With the Gold Coast Dental team on your side, your root canal will take no time at all!

The majority of root canals require two visits. Before starting your root canal, we will apply a local anesthetic to ensure that your tooth and the surrounding tissues are numb throughout your procedure. Then, the endodontist will quickly and carefully remove any decayed or diseased dental pulp tissue. Depending on the cavity’s severity, it may be necessary to clear a tooth down to the root’s tip. Any tooth abscess that may have formed is drained and disinfected. Any remaining debris is flushed out with a

cleansing solution. In most cases, a dental crown is needed to fully restore and reinforce the hollow tooth. In some cases, a filling is used. However, crowns are usually preferred for their greater strength and durability, allowing your tooth to stay in great shape for decades. A digital impression is taken of your tooth and sent to a lab for creating your porcelain crown. This crown will take about two weeks to be made, so our endodontist will cap the tooth with a temporary crown or filling in the meantime. Once your

permanent crown is ready, you’ll come in for your second and final appointment. During this visit, the temporary filling or crown is removed, and the tooth is filled with a rubbery material called gutta-percha. Gutta-percha seals the inner tooth and keeps it protected from saliva, oral bacteria, and future dental decay. Lastly, we will place the permanent crown to reinforce the tooth and return the original look and function of your bite. If you need an expert root canal procedure, please contact our office at (714) 278-4978 and schedule an appointment.

Your Smile Is Our Top Priority!

Our talented team gives our 100% to ensure you have the best dental experience possible in Buena Park

When you need a root canal, Gold Coast Dental Buena Park is here for you and your smile. We understand the ins and outs of your smile, and when cavities and accidents happen, our endodontists are ready to help get your dental health back on track. While root canals can sound scary, you can rest easy knowing you have nothing to worry about. Our caring dental practice offers comfortable and painless care for patients thanks to the latest equipment, high-quality materials, and our own decades of experience. We promise that you won’t feel a thing as we work. Your smile is in excellent hands with us.

  • How long does a root canal take?

    Most root canals require two appointments to complete, spanning 30 to 60 minutes. More complex cases can last about 90 minutes. During the first appointment, the infected parts of the tooth are removed, and the tooth is capped with a temporary dental filling or crown. During the second visit, the tooth is sealed and reinforced with a permanent crown.

  • Do I need a root canal if there is no infection?

    While most root canals are needed for severe cavity treatment, they may instead be needed to repair and strengthen badly fractured or broken teeth. However, with cracks and breaks, the tooth may still become infected too.

  • Do I need a crown after a root canal?

    After a root canal, your tooth will be hollow and more brittle, making it vulnerable to future injuries, cracks, and chips. The tooth will need to be reinforced with a restorative treatment to keep it safe long-term. While a dental crown is typically the procedure of choice, a filling is another alternative, often reserved for teeth without enough surface enamel to reshape. However, fillings aren’t as strong as crowns and don’t offer the same level of protection as one.

  • Do I need a root canal if there is no pain?

    In many cases, yes. While tooth pain is the biggest sign that a cavity has reached the dental pulp, it’s not the only possible symptom. If your tooth suddenly turns numb, it is likely that your tooth is about to die. Emergency root canal treatment is needed to save your tooth. Otherwise, the infection may become so severe that your tooth will instead need to be removed.

  • Can I drive home after a root canal?

    Yes. While local anesthesia entirely numbs the area around your tooth, it doesn’t affect your mind and reaction time or cause drowsiness. You will be perfectly fine to drive yourself home after a root canal without any issues. While at home, we recommend resting and relaxing, allowing yourself time to recover after your treatment.

  • How much does a root canal and crown cost?

    To determine your root canal cost, our team will need to take several factors into consideration: your cavity’s severity, the tooth’s location, the treatment’s complexity, and the type of dental crown. Root canals and crowns are both typically covered by dental insurance. If you have any questions about your specific plan, please don’t hesitate to call our dental office.



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