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Best Dentist For Kids In Buena Park, CA

Best Dentist For Kids In Buena Park, CA

Kids Dentistry, Buena Park, California

By your child’s first birthday, it’s time to start thinking about their first dentist visit. Early dental care is essential for keeping your little one’s baby teeth bright and healthy. Baby teeth aren’t as strong as adult ones, and they are highly susceptible to cavities and tooth decay. Frequent snacking, even drinking apple juice, puts your child at higher risk for cavities or tooth decay. That’s where the Gold Coast Dental Buena Park team comes in. We have an amazing, kid-friendly dentist team that is ready to take care of your child’s smile from their first baby teeth until they’re headed off to college.

Our family and children’s dentistry team understands how to handle your child's specific dental needs. From routine cleanings and exams to dental emergencies and orthodontics, our skilled expertise and attention to detail ensure your little one’s smile is in great hands. We know that a trip to the dentist can be nerve-wracking for some children, especially during their first visit. However, our friendly personalities, gentle hands, and thorough care ensure every appointment with us is comfortable and stress-free!

With expert, early dental care, your child’s smile can last a lifetime! Call our Buena Park dental office at (714) 278-4978 to make an appointment today.

Children’s Orthodontics

A straighter smile is a healthier and happier smile…

Around 7 years old, your child’s smile starts rapidly changing as baby teeth fall out and adult ones come in. A comprehensive orthodontic evaluation is needed to ensure their smile is growing and developing as it should. Orthodontic problems can vary widely, from crowding, crookedness, and gaps to bite problems like overbite, underbite, and open bite. They also cause a whole host of issues for your child that makes their daily life more challenging, like lisps and speech problems, difficulty eating, and frequent headaches and jaw pain.

If there are problems with your child’s smile on the horizon, our children’s dentistry and orthodontics team is here to help! Braces can take on some of the most severe and complex bite problems with ease, using brackets and wires to move the teeth and jaws into their best positions. Along with metal braces, our office offers clear braces using ceramic brackets to better hide your child’s treatment. Among teens, Invisalign is especially popular. These clear aligners are near invisible, letting them straighten their smiles without family, friends, or teachers noticing.

Braces and aligners are typically reserved for at least age 11, when all baby teeth are gone and most adult ones have come in. However, some of our young patients may need earlier treatment to prepare their smiles for their incoming adult teeth. Between ages 8 to 11, appliances like palate expanders and partial braces can help with narrow jaws, spacing issues, and crossbite, preventing later, more painful problems down the line. Does your child need an orthodontic consultation? Call (714) 278-4978 today to schedule an appointment.

Dental Emergency? No Problem!

When painful dental emergencies appear, our kid-friendly team is on the job!

Whether you like it or not, dental emergencies happen, especially with young and adventurous children. Painful cavities, falling on their face, or injuries while playing sports… these can all require an urgent trip to the dentist. While a dental emergency can be scary for you and your child, our kid dentist team is ready with the gentle, compassionate care your little one deserves. At Gold Coast Dental Buena Park, our child-friendly experts not only get your child’s smile back to full health, but we make the entire process as painless and stress-free as we can.

There's no time to waste when a dental emergency strikes. Immediate attention from our children's emergency dentist can mean all the difference for your child's smile. Please call us right away if your child experiences:

  • Toothache that lasts more than a day
  • Painful cracked or broken tooth
  • Chipped tooth with sharp fragments
  • Loose or lost permanent tooth
  • Knocked-out tooth
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Swollen jaw
  • Tooth becoming numb

A Lifetime Of Beautiful Smiles Starts Early

Count on our children's dentist to make sure your child's smile stays bright and healthy for a lifetime!

At Gold Coast Dental Buena Park, we care about you and your family's smiles. When it comes to your little one's dental care, we strive to provide the same level of expert care and attention as any specialized dentist office for kids. Our practice uses top-of-the-line technologies and tools to make appointments smooth and easy, no matter the treatment. Plus, our kid-friendly dentists bring our fun and caring personalities to the front of our care. From start to finish, we want your child to always enjoy their time with us to the fullest, whether they need dental cleaning, orthodontic care, or cavity treatment. Your family's smiles are in great hands with us! We look forward to seeing you soon!

  • How long can you go to a pediatric dentist?

    Young patients can see our children’s pediatric dentistry team from their first birthday until their 18th, when they’re legally adults. Pediatric dentists are specialized to help children’s and teen’s smiles at all stages of development. First baby teeth coming in, orthodontic problems, wisdom teeth, cavities… a kids dentist can take care of all of your family’s needs.

  • What happens at your child's first dentist appointment?

    The first dentist appointment should be either six months after the first baby tooth erupts or by your child’s first birthday, whichever comes first. During this visit, we will perform a thorough examination of your child’s mouth. Using digital scans and X-rays, we can map their smile’s development and ensure everything is going smoothly. A dental cleaning will also gently remove any plaque and bacteria that may have built up on your child's baby teeth. These appointments typically last around 30 minutes.

  • Should I have my child's tooth extracted?

    Unless your child’s tooth is already loose and about to fall out, it should be extracted if recommended by your kid’s emergency dentist. Severe cavities don’t stop at just the tooth. If left alone, bacteria and infection can spread to the nearby gum, bone, and teeth. This includes your child’s waiting permanent tooth. By the time the baby tooth falls out, the incoming adult tooth may already be severely decayed, leading to fillings, root canals, or even further extraction.

  • What is the best age for a child to get braces?

    Orthodontic treatment is always more effective when it’s started earlier, while your child’s smile is still developing. The best age for braces or aligners is between 11 and 14 years old. At this point, most or all adult teeth have emerged, but the jaw is still growing. Less pressure and time are needed to move your smile into its healthiest alignment, making the entire process smoother and more comfortable. However, some patients may need earlier treatment between ages 8 and 10 to prepare their teeth and jaws for final braces.

  • How can I strengthen my child's teeth?

    Baby teeth aren’t as strong as adult ones, so you’ll want to take extra care ensuring your child’s smile is safe from tooth decay. One of the best ways to strengthen enamel is with fluoride. Fluoridated water and toothpaste are good for children of all ages, but you’ll want to make sure your child doesn’t swallow any toothpaste. By age 6 or 7, your child can also start using fluoride mouthwashes. We also recommend increasing your child’s calcium intake (milk, yogurt, soybeans, etc.) and limiting the juices and citrus fruits they have.

  • Why is good dental health so important to overall good health?

    You may not think so, but the mouth can play a role in your child's overall health. While a single cavity likely isn't going to cause any dangerous or lasting damage (unless a tooth abscess bursts), there can be lifelong problems caused by frequent and severe dental problems. Poor oral health, especially periodontitis, is linked to heart disease, stroke, pneumonia, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and more as oral bacteria spreads to the rest of your body. That’s why good children's family dentistry is so important. By teaching children healthy dental habits, techniques, and lessons early, they can keep their oral and general health in better shape throughout their life.



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